Rrespire tune (2017)

Private Dancer (2017)

All i want is another baby (2016)

Weltmeisters Bass (2017)



These are pics from pieces listed above

They are all versions of the instrument "Westminster's bass" an instrument that I have built out of old accordions. The instruments are dismantled and put into a new structure and played with an altered mechanical structure using electromagnetically driven valves and external air from fans and from an air compresson. The instrument is played using live coding with Supercollider controlling the air flow.



Fredrik Olofsson

Alexandra Cardenas

Jo Grys



The piedes has been shown at

festival KONTAKTE

akademi der kunste Berlin

Algomech, Sheffield

West Germany ( Berlin)

Spectrum, w the reanimation orchestra (Berlin)



Ear Rings . 2017


micromusik festival

DAAD gallery Berlin


interpretation of Ear Rings, by Pauline Olivers


amplified blowing accordion reeds and playing the accordion bajan






Weltmeisters Bass 2017


Sound studies Master presentation





"all i want is another baby"


accordion reeds, rasberry pie


Piksel festival 2016


with alexandra cardenas and fredrik olofsson





Transmediale 2017

with alexandra cardenas





Urban Spree

with alexandra cardenas









Biking performance festispillene i bergen 2013. with alexandra cardenas

heartrate measurement and spinning bike

super collider